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Monday, February 15, 2010

OS Adoption Faces Similar Challenge to Vaccine Addoption

It occurred to me that when we examine OS Culture, and the culture of resistance to change, the challenges are similar to those faced by the medical communities in convincing people to get vaccinated against illnesses.

It is at this junction where logic and empirical evidence no longer sway adoption that the interesting research needs to be done.  Current efforts on OS adoption focus on logical reasoning, and empirical evidence of successful adoptions, ROI, more stable, safer, better applications; but where they fail is in the “warm fuzzy” feelings of the adopters.

Evidence shows that vaccines are the single most effective means to reduce propagation of diseases and likelihood of infection, yet people resist them, devising wild conspiracy theories to support their fears.  In my experience, discussing OS adoption is much the same.

Recently, the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation made the single largest donation in the history of philanthropy, targeted specifically at the development of new vaccines.  The foundation makes a stand to only support empirically-based research and missions.  This approach is very challenging in the face of large lobby groups for diseases that, while horrible, kill far fewer people than some that receive less press coverage.

OS Culture needs to learn lessons here.  And there are numerous cross-discipline research opportunities.

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