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Friday, October 9, 2009

It's all about change

It occurred to me that what we are really talking about here is change on a large scale.  An interesting question is whether change now – the change in perspective on copyright – is any different than other business model-inducing change in the past.

Is the change today any different from changes brought on by the industrial revolution? Or the printing press?  Or Roman aqueducts?  Perhaps that’s a good place to start:

– Model the major changes that resulted in the emergence of new business models.  What are their common factors?  Are there certain traits that can be described that allowed certain businesses to survive while others died?

– Describe the “survival” traits for businesses.  What did they do to adapt their business models to the new situations?  Can we formulate a theory on the “evolution” of business models as a survival trait for businesses?  Perhaps some of Dawkin’s work could be useful here?  Or work on memology?  Can we apply some existing theories to business and test them in this context to make a contribution?

– Create a method of adapting businesses based on some sort of external analysis of the triggers to change, present or future, a way of testing the waters on where to move, and how to survive under the new conditions. There appear to be some parallels here to Christensen’s disruptive innovation work, but on a larger scale that expands it beyond technical innovation towards any forces (technical or otherwise) that induce business model change.

– Test this model in the context of changes on attitude to copyright.  Find other indicators and test against those too to see if it holds up?

The novel contribution would be in the predictive validity of the method.

Is this too big a chunk to bite off?  Can it be broken down into neater pieces?

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