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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Updating obsolete business models to reflect changes in attitude towards copyright

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to phrase the FOSS issue in a way that might be compelling for business schools.  I recently attended two excellent presentations by Cory Doctorow.  He spoke about the divide between media corporations, legislation, and the needs of artists and the public, and it occurred to me that the reason for this divide is because he (and other copyfight activists) speak in a social language, whereas media executives speak in “MBA speak”, if you will.  I wanted to ask him who was doing the work of examining the changes in attitudes towards copyright around the world, and updating the dated 1950s business models to reflect these changes, in a language that media executives would see, and clearly showing that it makes sense financially to do so, lest they become obsolete.  I drafted up a brief outline of what the research would have to look like:

– An examination of existing business models and their reliance on certain attitudes towards copyright (Probably largely done already)
– An examination of changes of attitudes towards copyright (Probably in progress)
– A projection of how the business models would have to adapt in order to create and capture the most value under these new conditions (Getting there…)
– A projection of how the business models would have to adapt in order create and capture the most value under future, fluidly changing conditions, perhaps due to new technology adoption over time (New contribution)

The end result would be a fluid model of adaptive business models that shift with attitudes towards copyright.  They could be applied immediately internationally based on individual nations’ present attitudes, and phased in (and out) in other countries over the next few decades as necessary to support changing needs.

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