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Saturday, December 1, 2012 Supports Random Hacks of Kindness! is providing server space on its virtual servers to support Random Hacks of Kindness Toronto ( / for its 2012 hack-a-thon to support humanitarian aid projects! is a Toronto-based consultantcy that specializes in open source strategy.  How can your organization benefit from open source tools and methods to reduce costs, increase competitive advantage and build and grow a sustainable innovation community? specializes in medium and long term strategy for organizations that are wondering “How can we succeed if we give away our hard work?!?”. Often, the more important question is “Can you succeed if you don’t adopt open methods in rapidly changing world?”  We can help sort through all the grey areas in between to ensure that you are maximizing your value generation and capture.

If we can help you shape the open source strategy of your organization, please contact for more details.


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